In honor of the Halloweekend ahead, we wanted to share with you a few scary bathrooms that we’ve encountered. The photos below of unsightly, scary bathrooms will have you gasping in dismay. These decomposing disasters were plagued with mold, mildew, and patchwork.

Owners of these properties were haunted by the deteriorating state of their bathing areas. As fortune would have it, American Home Remodeling was a call away and able to work wizardly wonders for them to save their spaces from further torment.

Reader BEWARE, scary bathrooms pictured below…

…But have no fear, you will also see photos of how AHR rescued them!

Tub of Terror

A Wretched Restroom

A Threatening Throne

…and its fallen Kingdom.

A Shower of Shame

A Tiled Nightmare

A Door to Horror

Scary Bathrooms DIY Edition

Let’s revisit some DIY bathroom fails while we’re at it. Check out these treacherous hack jobs of DIY bathrooms.

No Tricks, Just Treats!

How in the hocus pocus did we do it? What kind of sorcery did we conjure up? The answers are simple, no tricks, just treats! Our team makes the remodeling process as hassle-free as possible for you. We are trained and experienced bathroom remodeling specialists with over 20+ years of industry experience.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a scene out of a horror movie. There’s nothing scarier than avoiding a remodel because you’re unsure of how to fix it. Conditions will only worsen and turn into a bigger nightmare, one that can cause serious health issues too. We encourage you to at least find out what options are available for you and your home. If you simply want to upgrade your bathroom and make it even more marvelous, we can also be of service for that too. Contact us today to learn more!

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