DIY bathroom fails occur more often than not. DIY Projects are all fun and games until things don’t go as planned. In most cases, those who have huge success with their DIY projects have already mastered some of the required skills. In other words, it’s not their first rodeo. If you’re a first time DIY-er and your intricate bathroom remodeling project had zero hiccups, then we’re impressed! But truthfully, this is RARELY ever the case.

Most people get so excited about the end result that they overlook the hard work and mastery that go into to designing a beautiful bathroom. Moreover, oversight of the scope of your project needs can cost you big time.

In fact, a study by Improvenet revealed that 63% of their surveyed participants regretted doing their remodeling project by themselves. It also stated that 1 in 3 of these DIY-ers sought out professionals to redo their work. Now these aren’t projects that cost a few hundred dollars, so you can imagine the amount of time and money wasted.

We wanted to show you some bathroom remodeling fails so you could see for yourself.  

Incorrect measurements, improper installations, and inexperience in general are all factors that played into the outcome of these projects.

DIY Bathroom Fails: Sinks

Bathroom remodeling fail - DIY sink with the faucet placed an inch too far from the sink  basin.
An instance where “close enough” just won’t do.
DIY bathroom fail - the sink basin fell through the hole.
This remodel is falling through the cracks.. or holes…
DIY bathroom remodeling - sink and faucet are about a foot apart.
Social distancing doesn’t apply tp faucets & sinks…
DIY bathroom fixes - this sink is leaking from the pipe and from the wall.
Ummm, yeah, it’s not suppose to do that!
DIY bathroom tiling - a tiled sink that was done terribly.
The cringiest tile work we’ve ever seen…

DIY Bathroom Fails: Tile

Bathroom Remodeling - DIY herringbone tile but the trim of this backsplash is uneven.
This slightly crooked tiling would drive some people bonkers!
DIY Bathroom Tiles - this decorative tile was finished with way too much grout.
What the grout!?
DIY bathroom flooring - the floor panels are crooked and laid poorly.
Tiling floor is an acquired skill…
Bathroom shower niche - tiled unprofessionally and crooked.
We give credit for attempting…
Penny tiling method that was finished poorly.
Penny tiling has so much potential. So close.

DIY Bathroom Fails: Showerheads & Faucet

A DIY shower head installation. This shower head is too large so the installer cut holes through the roof to make it fit.
Whoever did this was overly committed to making this thing fit!
A nice bathtub but the spout was placed to the right instead of between the two handles.
Something is just a little off here…
DIY problems require DIY solutions. The shower doors lined up directly with these shower knobs. The installer cut our a piece of the shower door's glass so that it would still close.
DIY problems require DIY solutions.
DIY fail. another instance where the shower frame was installed and left the shower knobs on the outside wall of the shower.
We really don’t understand how this happens though…

General DIY Bathroom Design Fails

a common diy bathroom remodeling fail - the toilet blocks the door from opening fully.
You had one job!
The DIY shower remodel has many issues. The base is built up above ground but the drain is on the outside of the shower, the knobs and spout are also outside of the enclosed shower.
Where do we even begin?
DIY Design fail - this bathtub was built next to the dining room table with zero dividing walls.
We’ve heard of breakfast in bed but never of dinner in the bath.
A bathtub was placed at the entrance of the restroom. You would need to jump or step through it in order to use the toilet.
Bonus points if you clear the tub and land safely on the bed.

When it comes to complex home projects, we strongly advise that you hire professionals. If you’re a Southern California home owner in need to professional assistance, contact us. We’re here to ensure proper installation and quality workmanship. Exact measurements, permitting, design styles, we’ve got you covered! Call us at (844) 824-6247 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.


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