We’re here to help you learn about 8 types of bathtubs available for your bathroom remodel. When it comes to selecting a bathtub, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Not all bath tubs are designed and created equally, so It’s important to understand what makes each of them unique. In order to select the one that’s right for your bathroom, you should know what each has to offer and determine if it’s compatible with your space.

TYPES OF BATHTUBS: A white, oval shaped, soaking bathtub sites next to a wide, clear window.

The first ever enameled bathtub was manufactured by Kohler Co. in 1883. But bathing has a very long history that predates the modern amenities we experience in present day. Throughout history, bathing equipment and public spas have been discovered to reveal how truly ancient bathing practices are. These relics have paved the way for the bathroom luxuries many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy now.

For centuries, bathtubs have not only afforded us the ability to stay clean, they have also provided a place for comfort and relaxation. There are even health benefits attributed to bathing, like muscle pain and sinus relief. Whatever your reasons are for wanting a new bathtub, we’re certain you will find one that meets your needs.

8 types of bathtubs to consider for you remodel:

Alcove Bathtubs

An alcove bathtub is a standard, commonly used bathtub style. This type of tub earned its name because of how it fits into a recessed wall area, where it’s surrounded by three connected walls. The name refers more to the placement of the tub rather than its type.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding, pedestal, and clawfoot tubs are their own units. They are not attached to any walls. Most modern stand-alone tubs are set directly on the floor; however, pedestal tubs are set atop a platform to add a bit of height. Unlike the aforementioned, clawfoot tubs have feet attached to them. These feet / legs raise it above the floor.

Drop in Bathtubs

TYPES OF BATHTUBS: Pictured is a drop-in bathtub, set into a marble patterned surround.

If you saw a drop-in tub by itself, you would just see the shell of it, without any walls or side surfaces. Drop-in tubs are meant to be nestled into a surround, which will have a lip / rim around it.

Undermount Bathtubs

An undermount tub shell looks similar to a drop-in tub. The difference is that undermounts are installed beneath the structure so the rim of the tub is covered by the framing / surround.

Walk-In Bathtubs

TYPES OF BATHTUBS: A walk-in, alcove bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are designed to be ADA compatible. These tubs are built with a door that opens for ease of entering and exiting. We recommend this option for clients who are aging in place or have unique physical needs as it enables safer bathing experiences.

Corner Bathtubs

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As its name suggests, corner bathtubs fit into corners. They are available in a variety of configurations for a custom-like fit. These tubs often have decking and can maximize use of corner spaces that would otherwise be barren.

Hot Tub or Jetted Tub Variations

Each of the variations previously mentioned can also be found as hot tubs or jetted tubs. Jetted and heated tub features are typically not standard. If you are looking for an upgraded, more luxurious bathtub, you should consider one with these amenities.

Japanese Soaking Tub (Ofuro)

Soaking tubs usually have more depth, so that they hold more water. They are meant for ultimate relaxation. In Japanese culture, bathing is also associated with spiritual cleansing. Traditionally, these tubs are filled with heated water and are covered when not in use. Next to the tub you’ll find a seat and water source which are used for cleaning oneself. Because these tubs are shared with the entire household and the water isn’t drained after every use, it is important each person washes themselves prior to soaking in the heated water.

Which bathtub is right for me?

Do you have your heart set on a deep-soaking stand-alone bathtub? Or are you all for sticking to the standard models? Whichever you prefer, there are many types of bathtubs available for your remodel. The right one will depend on the size of your bathroom and your remodel budget.

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