Items Your Shouldn't Store in Your Bathroom: Two towels and a basket are hanging from a horizontal, wooden towel rack. There is a bar of soap and scrub brush inside the hanging basket.

We’ve got a list of 6 items you shouldn’t store in your bathroom. If we had to guess, you are most likely storing these items there right now, which is completely understandable. It makes sense for items you use in a restroom to be stored there too. Not only for convenience, but also because that’s what many of us have been taught to do. Most of these items you probably haven’t even thought twice about placing them elsewhere. You may even be surprised to see what made the list!

Here are 6 Items You Shouldn’t Store in Your Bathroom

1. Toothbrushes

Items Your Shouldn't Store in Your Bathroom: A containing 4 wooden toothbrushes, sets on a marble ledge, next to a glass serum bottle and a bar of soap.

This one came as a surprise. Toothbrushes shouldn’t be kept in the shower or bathing area because the humid environment can cause bacteria to thrive within the bristles. You definitely shouldn’t place them behind or near the toilet either. Urine and fecal matter splatter with every flush. We are certain no one wants to brush their teeth with an icky toothbrush. Some will advise keeping them in the medicine cabinet if you have one. If not, try to keep them somewhere clean and dry.

2. Photos and Books

Although these items make for great décor, we all know that paper and water are not a good combination. Paper products will not stand the test of time in moist environments like bathrooms. Continued exposure to damp air will cause pages to cockle and ink to run off. Instead, try laminating photos before hanging them in frames.

3. Towels and Robes

Did you know bathroom towels are supposed to be swapped out once a week? Health experts even suggest washing them after three to five uses. Along with that, they shouldn’t be kept in your bathroom either. After every use, towels and robes retain dead skin cells, bodily secretions, and soap or dirt residue. That and damp air allow for bacteria to make themselves at home. If your robes and towels are not fully drying after each use, you may begin to notice the odor of mildew and mold too. To make them less susceptible, we recommend hanging them right outside of the bathroom for easy access.

4. Razors

Metal razor blades can rust quickly when frequently exposed to water. If you notice any signs of rust or build up, you should throw it out right away. Storing your razors in dry areas, at least outside of the bathing area, will help prolong their lifespan.

5. Wood Furniture

Just like paper goods, wood does not hold up in bathroom atmospheres. Unless it is Teak treated or made of genuine Teak Wood, then it will be prone to rotting in the damp bathroom environment. You can learn all about Teak Wood in one of our recent blog posts.

6. Bars of Soap

Items Your Shouldn't Store in Your Bathroom: A bar of soap is set atop a green soap holder. On top of the soap is a scrub brush.

Bars of soap should be set in containers or atop holders when they are not in use. They should also be kept out of direct contact with streams of water. Water exposure melts soap away, so if it’s left in a shower niche or on the tub wall, it will leave filmy soap scum residue. Make your soap last by storing it in a dry place when you’re done with it.

Ultimately, bathroom items that you use often and come in contact with your body, should be kept as dry and as clean as possible. Due to the humid nature of bathrooms, these items should be stored elsewhere to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from ruining them. Although it might seem nonsensical to store them away from the bathroom, proactively safeguarding your products will benefit your health and extend the lifespan of your bathroom supplies.

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