Folding Teak Wood Shower Seat attached to a shower wall. There is a white towel and soap set on the seat of the chair.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is Teak wood? What makes Teak wood so special? Or why some shower seats or stools are made of  this material? We’re here to appease your curiosity. Before we discuss all the wonderful qualities of Teak wood, we first want to share some general information about it.

What is Teak Wood?

Its scientific name is Tectona Grandis and it is native to Southern Asian countries including Thailand, India, Myanmar and a few others. Teak wood can be recognized by its golden, brown hues and straight grain pattern. Over time, the color will change to silvery grey tones, especially when exposed to natural weathering. It’s said to have a leathery scent due to the natural oils it produces. These natural oils also cause it to feel a bit greasy in its raw form. The better, quality wood is sourced from more mature trees and a single tree can take up to 80 years to fully mature. These notable properties are why it has been used for centuries.

What Makes it So Special?

The properties mentioned above are all reasons Teak wood is unique. One of the more distinct characteristics is that it does produce a lot of natural oils. These oils deter insects and protect it from water damage. Its resistance to water prevents it from rotting, warping, and splintering.

Why are Shower Seats Made of Teak Wood?

Teak wood is a premium, durable wood. It will last long even when regularly exposed to water and moisture. Even though it will weather over time, it is extremely durable because it can thrive in all weather conditions. If you wish to preserve its look before weathering, you can treat the Teak with a certified Teak oil. Some may prefer this to maintain its beautiful, golden color.

How can AHR Incorporate Teak in My Remodel?

When selecting Teak materials or furnishings, make sure it’s genuine and not Teak oiled wood. Teak oiled wood could be any type of wood but treated with Teak oil. This means it is not natural Teak wood. American Home Remodeling can offer you Moen’s Teak Folding Shower Seat for your remodel. This shower seat is made with natural Teak wood. It can also hold up to 400 pounds when installed correctly. We can assure you that our recommended products are reliable and sourced from trusted manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about our remodeling services, contact us through our website or call us at 888-940-9995.

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