If the toilet is the best seat in the house, then a shower seat is the second best. If you do not have a shower seat, we encourage you to include one in your bathroom remodel. You will find there are many uses for shower seats and benches. There are valid reasons as to why you should invest in one too, which we’ll share for you below, but ultimately, the reasons should reflect your personal needs.

A properly designed shower or bathtub area should be functional and equipped with the right elements. Although a seat may not be a necessity for you, having a seating option will prove to be a practical feature. Here are our top 4 reasons we think you should consider installing a shower seat:

Shower Seat Design Appeal

A teak wood folding shower seat installed on a shower wall.

A shower seat or bench can add a touch of style to your bathing space. We can use our wet-wall patterns to cover the bench or corner seat for a cohesive bathroom design. There are also shower pan options that have a bench built right in. These fashioned options can seamlessly enhance your bathroom space. Teakwood shower seats are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard, medical grade shower seats too. A folding teakwood seat is perfect for smaller showers.

Extra Shower Seat Storage

A built in shower bench  / seat in a newly renovated marble patterned shower. There are soap and shampoo bottles placed on the bench.

A bench, stool, or seat will give you some extra shower space. You can use the added storage space to place your hygienic products or decorative items on. For people with mobility issues, having bathing products within reach is extremely helpful.

Shower Seat Safety

A corner shower seat built into the shower walls.

Shower seats are especially useful for anyone with mobility concerns. Reports claim that, annually, over 3 million older adults are treated for fall related injuries. Mobility limitations and prescription medications can make you more prone to losing your balance too. Anyone who struggles with balance or who tires easily will be able to bathe comfortably while sitting down. To add to this, if someone is hesitant to bathe due to their fear of injury, a shower seat can put their fears to rest. Essentially, this improves their hygiene too since they will likely bathe more often.

Overall Convenience

A built in shower bench made for a walk-in shower.

Safety reasons aside, a shower seat is a convenient feature overall. It is especially beneficial for shaving as it makes for a more comfortable experience. You will have the ability to prop your leg up or take a seat without having to hunch to far over. Another bonus is that you will be able to simply sit and relax for a moment. Whether you worked a 9 to 5 or just need to retreat from the outside world, you will be able to sit and wash away the stressors of the day.

Ready to Install a Show Seat?

We can confidently say that everyone will benefit from having shower seats or benches. If you hope to reduce the risk of bathroom related injuries or just want to enrich the look of your bathroom, a shower seat or bench is a feature you shouldn’t skip out on. We would love to assist in helping you select the right seat or bench for your bathroom remodel. Please contact us or call us at (888) 940-9995 to get started.

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