We’re sharing the benefits of new replacement windows with you. The windows on our homes aren’t something that we think about constantly. They’re kind of just there while most of our attention gets sucked into the bigger problem areas like broken kitchen cabinets, leaky tubs, and weeded-out or overgrown backyard spaces. But replacing the windows in your home could do more for your resale value and overall home happiness than redoing your kitchen, bathroom, or adding in that patio cover you’ve always wanted.

Today, we’re going to take a look at why window replacements should be at the top of your home remodeling list and what information you should know when you go to purchase them.

New Replacement Windows installed in a living room. Large sliding window and an average side window fill up the wall of a living room.One of the most common reasons to get new windows is ease of operation. Most old wooden windows get swollen from the elements and make it super difficult to open or close depending on what the weather’s like outside. And many aluminum windows have poorly constructed groves for the sliding mechanisms to work properly. With too much dirt or grime in those grooves, you’ll start to experience the difficulties of only able to open one corner of the window at a time.

Our Anlin-manufactured windows have a new easy-slide technology that prevents the window from sticking and leaves you with easy-open windows for years to come.

Another plus for getting your old windows replaced is the opportunity to fewer drafts, decreased noise levels, and a cleaner home! Older aluminum and wooden windows tend to have poorer construction when it comes to how well they’re sealed. If there are pockets in your windows that weren’t sealed correctly, you could be letting in dirt, drafts, and noise from outside that you aren’t really aware of. One customer that we spoke with said he didn’t realize how much noise he was dealing with on a daily basis until he replaced his windows and actually heard how quiet his home could be.

That’s the hard part with older windows: you don’t really know how bad it is until you see what your home could be like without all the noise and dust pollution. If you ever have a problem with drafts, noise, or dust entering your home with new windows, you can be sure we’ll send a technician out to assess the problem and get it fixed up right away for you!

Lower maintenance and easier cleaning are some other reasons to consider new replacement windows. We provide systems made from vinyl, which are easy to clean and are built with simplicity in mind, so there’s less possibility for them to break or malfunction. Plus, with a lifetime warranty in your back pocket, if something ever were to go wrong, you’ll be able to get it fixed in no time at all.

But out of all of these benefits, one of the best reasons to replace your windows is the potential energy savings you could see from your investment. Most older windows are single-pane, which don’t block out a ton of the sun’s hot rays or keep your home insulated in the winter. New windows from Anlin are always double-paned, which means there’s more insulation to keep the hot sun out in the summer and the warm air in during the winter.

More efficient temperature control means you’re running your air or heater less, and that always equates to a smaller bill come the end of the month! You’ll be amazed at the difference new windows can make to the overall temperature control of your home.

So after all of these reasons, why wait to get new replacement windows installed in your home today? Give us a call at (888) 940-9995 and we can set up a free in-home consultation as early as tomorrow!

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