In the grand scheme of things, it’s easy to come to the decision to say, “Yes, I want a sunroom and now is the time to get it.” But it’s a whole other task to actually design your sunroom and have it be an accurate reflection of your style and the rest of your home décor. So, today we wanted to take some time to explain the different options you have when it comes to your new sunroom and how we can make it easy to match it to your home’s existing look and feel.

You have four main types of sunrooms to choose from when you’re starting the design process from scratch: cathedrals, conservatories, solariums, or studio rooms. However, you also have the option to simply enclose your current patio cover (as long as it was correctly permitted). That will limit the amount of design options you have, but it’s a great way to save money in the long-run.

The difference between each of these types of sunrooms has a lot to do with the shape of the roof. You’ll be able to customize the walls of your sunroom with any type you choose (and we’ll go over those options in a bit), but you’ll want to start with the roofline.

Cathedral sunrooms feature vaulted ceilings to help your new space feel larger and more open. It’s a great choice for homes with two stories as you’d be able to match the height of the second story and the existing roofline. These sunrooms are traditional in their appearance and their functionality and can be made to match your home seamlessly.


Conservatory sunrooms take the outward look and feel of cathedral sunrooms but add an extra piece of elegance to the design with rooflines that mirror traditional European architecture. You can choose from Edwardian (roofline has more of a rectangular shape with distinctive details on the top) or Victorvian (roofline has more of a polygon shape and comes to a single point) styles. But both will help to add old-worldly style to your existing home’s architecture.





Solarium sunrooms give you the best option for letting the outdoors in, without the harshness that can come with the changing seasons. This design features either a full-glass or partial-glass roofline to allow the most skyline into your living space. We can also help you choose between a curved-eave or straight-eave to help you match your homes existing exterior.



Finally, we have studio sunrooms that allow the most flexibility when it comes to matching your homes existing layout. These sunrooms are highly customizable and simple in their design to allow for the best possible transition from your home’s exterior

With all of these options, you also have the ability to choose walls made up entirely of windows, walls with windows only half-way up, a more traditional wall and window combination, or even a screened-in option if you’d still like to feel the outdoor breezes. You would also have the option with our Conservatory and Solarium sunrooms to implement all-glass roofing or traditional roofing.

As far as colors are concerned, you’d be able to choose from three different colors in most of these designs. But if you’re looking for something that’s even more custom to your home’s exterior, our great rooms give you the flexibility to choose any of these designs while implementing your homes exiting roofing color/style and siding so that your addition isn’t as noticeable.

If one of these options has sparked an interest in you, we’d love to set you up with an in-home consultation so that you can speak to one of our knowledgeable Designers and get your ideas down on paper with an exact price that’s good for a year! Give us a call at (888) 940-9995 today and we can get you an appointment as early as tomorrow!

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