Whether you prefer a shower, bathtub or both, we’re sharing the pros and cons of each. Sometimes our clients are unsure if they want a bathtub, shower, or a combination. Each option serves its purpose. Choosing the right option really depends on your home needs and preferences.

We previously discussed remodeling your bathroom for resale value, which you can revisit here. One of the biggest takeaways though was that in order to appeal to more buyers, it’s important to have at least one shower and one bathtub in your home. We recommend keeping that in mind if you are renovating for resale purposes.

Below is a list of important factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom:

Prefer a Walk-in Shower Only

Prefer a shower only? Pictured here is a grey themed bathroom with a walk in shower that has a built in bench.


  • No threshold or low threshold options
  • Can add a bench or seat
  • Can add shelves and niches
  • Wide range of showerhead options and features


  • Not ideal for bathing small children
  • Can’t soak / relax in a tub

Prefer a Bathtub Only

Prefer a bathtub only? Pictured is a white clawfoot, stand-alone bathtub with a black faucet and claw feet.


  • Great for soaking / relaxing
  • Useful for growing families (babies!)
  • ADA walk-in tubs are available
  • Variety of stand-alone tub styles
  • Can still have shower doors or curtains


  • Requires more water usage
  • Standard tubs can be difficult to use for those with mobility issues

Prefer a Shower-Tub Combo

American Home Remodeling Bathroom remodel with Sentrel bath systems. Prefer a Shower-tub combo? Pictured is a bathtub and a small walk-in shower, that share a wall.


  • Convenience of having both options
  • Added home value
  • Safety accessories can still be installed
  • Shelving and niches can also be installed


  • Requires adequate space

As mentioned above, choosing your upgrades depends on your design preferences and the value you’ll get out of them. Of course, we recommend having both for added value but we are more than happy to work with you to create your dream bathroom. Whether it’s a tub only, shower only, or tub-shower combo, we can build it the way you want it. Contact us to learn more.


Jace Darling of American Home Remodeling

Jace Darling, Owner, American Home Remodeling

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