Big and small bathrooms alike can all use these easy bathroom storage ideas. You may find these easy bathroom storage ideas extremely useful for tight spaces. They can also help you conceal items for aesthetic reasons too. Some of your bathroom surface space may be cluttered while other nooks and crannies may be underutilized. We want to help you maximize your bathroom space because properly stored items will help you to stay organized. We’ve listed some space saving recommendations for you below.

Storage Baskets

Bathroom Storage Baskets with towels inside.

Baskets and decorative boxes help keep items together. You can fill them with cleaning supplies or use them like “junk drawers,” either way, any clutter will be contained, like organized chaos.

Rolling Carts

Easy Bathroom Storage Item: A chromed bathroom rolling cart with towels and bathroom décor placed on the shelves.

Portable carts provide a fair amount of storage space and are easy to maneuver. There are slimmer and taller designs available to suit your space.

Double Shower Rods

A curtain shower curtain rod with two rods. One rod is for the curtain and the other is for hanging items.

A second tension rod in the shower with some S hooks are a game changer. This is also very useful for placing items out of reach from smaller children during bath time. Some shower rods have an extra bar for hanging towels on too.

Over the Toilet Storage Rack

A white, wooden, over the toilet rack with a shelf and cabinet, Items are stored in the cabinet and on the shelf.

There are basic metal racks that do the job and then there are sturdier options with cabinets and shelving. Either way, having an over the toilet rack will give you a lot of extra storage space.

Slanted Shelves

Slanted bathroom storage shelf stocked with towels and other bathroom necessities.

Instead of a bath side table, opt for a ladder shelf. This way you can keep bath necessities within reach and store other items or décor on the other shelves.

Medicine Cabinets

A bathroom medicine cabinet with three openings for ample storage.

These are a bathroom staple. There are modern, creative ways to blend these into your wall but having one in your restroom is a must. Don’t skip out on installing one if you’re remodeling your bathroom.

Cabinet Shelves

A rack placed inside a vanity cabinet for added sink space.

If you have a vanity cabinet where you hide random bathroom supplies, a great way to fit more items in is to add shelves or racks. Pop-up racks allow you to easily stack the contents of the cabinet.

Inside the Cabinet Door

A bathroom cabinet rack, hanging on the inside of the vanity door.

Another way to maximize this storage space is to place magnet strips or hanging racks on the inside of the cabinet door. Magnet strips work wonders for organizing small, metal objects like bobby pins, nail clippers or tweezers.

Under the Sink Storage

A pedestal sink with a metal rack designed to fit beneath it. The tiered rack provides storage space.

There are alternatives for Pedestal and floating sinks too. For floating sinks, you can store baskets or drawers beneath them. For pedestal sinks, there are actually racks and shelving units designed to wrap around the pedestal leg.

Over the Sink Storage

A 2-tiered sink counter rack for storing soap, toothpaste, oils, and other bathroom items,

Your sink space is prime real estate for items you use on a daily basis. Simply placing your items together on a decorative tray will tidy things up. Another option is to utilize a tiered tray, which is perfect for separating smaller and larger items. You can also put an over the sink shelf to elevate your storage space.

Door Racks

Easy Bathroom Storage Idea: A rack hanging on the bathroom door with shelves and a towel bar.

Don’t underestimate the power of a door racks. Some have shelves, baskets, pockets, and even towel hooks. With a wide range of styles available, you are certain to find the perfect one for your bathroom. One thing to note with these is to be careful of the hooks scraping inside the door frame, it’s important to make sure the rack fits properly.

Need More Space?

Ample storage space means less clutter. These easy bathroom storage ideas listed are fairly simple to implement in your home. If you would much rather do a complete overhaul of your bathroom and build-in space saving features, like shower niches and shelves, then get in touch with us. As your local, Southern California bathroom remodeling specialists, we will be delighted to rework your bathroom space. Get in touch with us today and call (888) 940-9995 to schedule your FREE in-home design consultation.  


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