Whether you prefer a classic style or a luxurious bathroom aesthetic, American Home Remodeling is here to liven up your space. Below you will find examples of bathroom remodeling projects that AHR has transformed. These examples will also showcase the design style range we can achieve for your bathroom.

Firstly, it is important that you understand how we reimagine these bathrooms. Aside from design features like lighting, accessories and cabinetry, we offer unique materials for wet-wall areas. Our Sentrel Bath Systems meet the demand for permanent and maintenance-free surfaces. They also serve as alternatives to natural stones like granites, travertines, and marbles. AHR is able to offer you a wide selection of these acrylic paneling patterns that fit your design aesthetic.

Take a look at these different style bathrooms we’ve remodeled:

Simple and Clean Bathroom Aesthetic

Classic, simple bathroom aesthetic: A white, subway tile pattern surrounding bathtub and shower section.

You can never go wrong with keeping your restroom simple and clean. The standard white wall material and chrome accessories are always a perfect combination.

Warm and Inviting Bathroom Aesthetic

Warm and inviting bathroom Aesthetic. Bathroom designed Acrylic panel in Mocha Travertine.

Mocha Travertine walls can make your space feel just like a spa. When paired with neutral and warm toned elements, it easily becomes an inviting space to relax in.

Marbled Luxe Bathroom Aesthetic

A luxurious bathroom aesthetic featuring Sentrel bath system's White Pearl marble stone pattern.

Our Sentrel materials achieve the high-end, luxe look of real stones like marble without costing you a fortune. We framed this bathtub with Calacatta White panels. The panels also extend into the shower space to the left of it, making the overall design of the space to come together.

Unique and Artsy Bathroom Aesthetic

Classic to a Luxurious Aesthetic. Artistic style bathroom renovated  using stone pattern Triton, a blend of aqua teal blues and deep grays.

We renovated this shower and installed Sentrel’s acrylic wall panels in the color Triton. Triton is a beautiful mix of teal / aqua blues and grays. This style almost resembles paint mixing on canvas, giving it a very artistic appeal.

Elegant and Timeless Bathroom Aesthetic 

Classic to a Luxurious Aesthetic. Encaustic style black and white tile flooring and white subway tile with black grout work. The shower features black trim details and accessories.

This bathroom was elegantly designed using classic subway tiles and accentuated with black shower accessories. And the encaustic tile flooring really makes a statement, creating an overall timeless space.

If any of these bathroom styles have sparked your interest then get in touch with us to see how we can transform your space. Or if you already have ideas in mind, we will gladly work with you to bring them to life.

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