Standard bathroom sink faucets are practical but there are many options available for upgrading your bathroom sink faucets that are not only functional but also very stylish. We’ll do our best to explain the basics to you. You’ll walk away understanding what makes each faucet type unique.

First, we would like to briefly explain the difference between a wall mount and deck mount in case you are not familiar with the terminology. Simply put, wall mounting is when the faucet unit is attached to the wall whereas as deck mount is installed on top of the vanity counter space.

We also need to point out how crucial it is to make sure your faucet is compatible with your vanity and sink style. Not just in terms of aesthetics but, more importantly, in regards to actual sizing and fit. You may find certain faucets are not suited for your sink or counterspace.

Below you will find quick overviews of various styles.

Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucets

Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucet Style

You have most likely seen centerset faucets before. A standard centerset faucet spaces handles 4” apart. The handles and faucet are on a single deck plate, together. These are perfect for 3-hole sink basins. You will find there are 4” centerset, single-handle faucets too.

Spread-fit or Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucets

spreadfit sink faucet with the handles spread apart as separate pieces.

You can refer to spread-fit faucets as widespread faucets, the name are interchangeable. They look very similar to Centerset faucets. The handles are not attached though, they can be spaced 6” – 16” apart. They also mount as separate pieces.

Vessel Bathroom Sink Faucets

Moen brand vessel bathroom sink faucet with a square sink basin

Vessel spouts stand much taller than standard spouts. You can pair it with a vessel basin, which are sink basins that are usually square or bowl shaped. These basins sit above the counter instead of under it. The spouts are taller so that they clear the higher rims of vessel style sinks.

Bridge Bathroom Sink Faucets

Moen Bridge Sink Faucet in Bronze

The Bridge faucets design bridges the hot and cold handles to the center spout. You can mount bridge faucets to your counter or your wall. Bridge faucets are more popular with kitchen sinks.

Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets

Singla handle bathroom sink faucet and spout

Single handle faucets, also referred to as single lever faucets, are compact and take up less space, making them great for small bathrooms. These faucets require only 1 hole in the countertop for proper installation.

Which Bathroom Sink Faucet is Right for You?

Ultimately, the type of faucet that best meets your needs will depend on the shape and style of the sink that you’re working with. If you plan to use an existing sink be sure to check that your new faucet can be retrofitted.

Take the Next Step Towards Remodeling Your Bathroom

American Home Remodeling offers an array of faucet styles that also come in multiple finishes; including chrome, bronze, brushed nickel and matte black. Schedule a FREE in home-consultation with us to learn about our products. Call (888) 940-9995 or contact us via our website for more information.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please check out our other blog posts and stay tuned for more detailed posts regarding faucets, handles, sink basins and more!

Jace Darling of American Home Remodeling

Jace Darling, Owner, American Home Remodeling

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