We’re giving you a closer look at some of our Sentrel stone patterns. Sentrel Bath Systems are multi-layer composite materials that cover the wet wall areas of your bathroom. This material also meets the demand for permanent and maintenance-free options to natural stone and granite. Most importantly, you can achieve the beautiful look of natural stone with these unique stone patterns, without breaking the bank. It is far more affordable than using actual stone. Of course, as your bathroom remodeling specialist, we aim to provide you with quality products. This is why we highly recommend their products. Not only do we recommend them but we are in fact a trusted partner for installing Sentrel Bath Systems.

Sentrel Bath Systems are available in a wide variety of realistic stone colors and patterns. Additionally, these options complement any decorating style. You can get a closer look at some of these patterns in the photos below.

Sentrel Stone Patterns:

White Pearl

Sentrel Stone Patterns -  Bath Systems White Pearl, Marble Inspired wall panels.

Sentrel Bath Systems Triton SimTile

Sentrel Stone Patterns:  as Simtile, in color Triton, surrounding a walk in shower.

Stone Pattern Frost

Sentrel Stone Patterns: The corer shelves of a shower, covered in Sentrel's pattern Frost.

Sentrel Pattern Triton

Breccia Paradiso Stone Pattern

Veincut Gray Simtile

Frost Simtile Shower Base


There are a many more options available that you can view on the Sentrel Website.

If you like what you see, please get in touch with us so we can work towards designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Jace Darling of American Home Remodeling

Jace Darling, Owner, American Home Remodeling

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