Marble bathroom designs are highly sought after. Since ancient times, the luxe, high-end appeal of marble has caught the eyes of those with refined taste. Once a sign of wealth during Victorian and Renaissance eras, it was used for monuments, sculptures, and palaces. Modernized processes have made extracting marble material much easier. Thus, marble has become more available and affordable, in comparison to what it was once valued at.

Although it is more affordable compared to historical times, it still has a hefty price tag attached to it. According to Colonal Marble & Granite, some marble material can cost between $75 to $250 per square foot. Those who don’t mind the cost of material will use genuine marble stone for bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, tile flooring, or fireplace mantles. But those who do not have the budget for real marble can work with more affordable alternatives.

One of those alternatives is Sentrel Bath System’s multi-layers, composite material. With Sentrel, you can achieve the beautiful look of natural stone in your bathroom without breaking the bank. American Home Remodeling is proud to offer Sentrel products as a certified dealer. Our employees are well trained to properly install their wet-wall surround paneling. To no surprise, our customers often select the marble inspired patterns too. And unlike tile, our Sentrel material doesn’t require grout lines, which makes it easier to maintain. Because of this, marble bathroom remodels are one of our most requested design styles.

Here are 5 Marble Bathroom Patterns That You’ll Love:

Calacatta White

Marble Bathroom: A standard bathtub shower combo with marble Calacatta pattern walls.

Calcutta Gold

Marble Bathroom: A walk in shower with calcutta gold patterned walls


Marble Bathroom: A walk-in shower with everest patterned walls.


White Pearl

If you love what you see and are ready to transform your bathroom, give us a call or contact us here. You can have a lavishly styled bathroom too. We offer a variety of marble and other stone patterns to choose from for your bathroom remodel. Our team works with property owners all throughout Southern California and would love to earn your business too. Your FREE in-home design consultation is just a phone call away.

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