We put together a short list of best plants for your bathroom. Of course, you can decorate with art, figurines, and silly signs too, but nothing compares to bringing nature into your space. In fact, studies have found that live plants have calming effects on people. Other benefits of plants include improved air quality, mood boosting effects, promote mental and physical health, as well as increase productivity.

After doing a little bit of research, we found some common plants that do well in bathrooms. More importantly, we took into account the humid atmosphere that is expected in bathroom areas. Additionally, we selected plants that are low maintenance, so the average person shouldn’t have any trouble plant-parenting the recommendations below.

Here are the 5 Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are very forgiving. They are low-maintence plants, best for those who don’t have a green thumb. This plant loves humidity  and indirect sunlight.

5 Best Plants for Your Bathroom: A Pothos bathroom plant with leaves dangling below their pot.
Photo Sourced from Brittany Goldwyn


Certain ferns thrive off humid environments. There is a good variety of fern plants including Birds Nest ferns, Staghorn ferns, or Button ferns. Be sure to check that you select one that will flourish in your bathroom.

5 Best Plants for Your Bathroom: a Fern plant with leaves branching out in all directions.
Photo Sourced from Joshua Mcknight

Monstera Plants

Monsteras are know for their swiss cheese looking leaves. These plants will do well in most environments but love bright, indirect light.

5 Best Plants for Your Bathroom: a Monstera plant set on the back of the toilet for decoration.
Photo Sourced from Sarah Sherman Samuel

Snake Plants

Snake plants are also very low-maintenance. They are unique because their leaves stem upright and can grow between 8″ to 4 feet tall!

Snake Plant set next to a shower for bathroom décor.
Photo Sourced from Thea Frank


There are two modern ways home owners are incorporating moss into their space. One option is a moss bath mat, which sustains itself with the water that drips off bathers when they step out of a tub or shower. The mat was conceptualized and designed by Nguyen La Chanh.

Moss bath mat designed by Nguyen La Chanh.
Photo Sourced from Nguyen La Chanh.

Another option is framed moss as wall art or a vertical garden. Some prefer to preserve the moss but live moss will thrive without any issues.

Framed vertical garden of moss to hang on bathroom wall.
Photo Sourced from MossFusion

Artificial Plants

Although artificial plants will not have the same benefits as live plants, they can still look just as good in your bathroom. If you’re on a budget or have no faith in yourself as a plant parent, fake plants will do the trick!

Artificial plants used as bathroom decorations, set above a toilet.
Photo Sourced From AFLORAL

If you would like further information on any of these plants, visit Garden.org. If you would like more information on transforming your bathroom, before you begin decorating, contact us. We’re Southern California’s local bathroom remodeling specialist and are more than happy to be of service. 

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