A man is reaching up to place the vent cover on a bathroom exhaust fan. The fan is in the ceiling.

What is a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

As its name implies, the bathroom fan exhausts the humidity from inside and filters it to the outside. The air is pulled and directed through tubing or metal ducts. Bathroom moisture is inevitable though, especially if you or your housemates enjoy taking warm baths and showers. Other methods are helpful, like warming up your bathroom before using it, but nothing will mitigate humid air as effectively as a bathroom exhaust fan.

It’s very uncommon to step into a bathroom that doesn’t have an exhaust fan, simply because it’s an essential component. Anyone who has gone without a functioning bathroom fan will testify to what a huge nuisance it is. If you walk into a restroom that doesn’t have one, you may notice odors or visible signs of the damage caused by too much condensation. We’ll share more about this in the list below.

Here are 4 reasons why a bathroom exhaust fan is important:

Controls Humidity

We are well aware of how humid bathrooms become when bathing or showering. You will see water droplet settle on surfaces and the vanity mirrors become foggy. When there’s an over abundance of moisture, you may even notice the walls start to sweat, which occurs when moisture begins to drip down surfaces. If this happens frequently, on a daily basis even, it will eventually destroy your bathroom.

Too much humidity will cause paint to crack or peel. It can also make its way through breathable materials within your bathroom, causing further damage beneath the surface. An exhaust fan will help to control humidity and prevent water damage from taking a toll on your bathroom.

Prevents Hazardous Conditions

Most bathrooms have porous surfaces like grout, drywall, and wooden fixtures like vanities. When water settles into these areas and sits for long periods of time, it’ll produce mold and mildew. It can require a lot of maintenance to prevent mold and mildew, especially if you don’t have appropriate ventilation.

When your exhaust fan is running, during and after you bathe, it will help clear up the moisture quickly. A dryer environment makes it less susceptible to hazardous conditions.

This is one of the many reasons we stand behind Sentrel Bath Systems. Their low-maintenance, composite material is a great alternative to tile and it doesn’t require any grout work. The material is non-porous too, so mold and mildew don’t stand a chance when you have Sentrel lining your bathroom wet-areas.

Airs Out Odors

There are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. In fact, we wrote a whole blog post about it. These recommendations will yield the best results when working in tandem with a ventilation system. Just as moisture will sit and fill the air, so will odors, especially the stinky ones. Often times it seems like humidity amplifies those smells too. Nobody wants to enter a restroom filled with lingering odors. Your exhaust fan will make sure that smell swiftly makes its way outside. (Thank goodness!)

Fulfills Building Code Requirements

In most cases, an exhaust fan is needed to pass local code requirements. Although it varies city by city, a form of bathroom ventilation is almost always mandatory for residential bathrooms. Your bathroom window may suffice if it meets a specific size requirement, but an exhaust fan is the most efficient option.

A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Helps Preserve Your Space

Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Shower glass is dripping with condensation. Behind the glass is a woman, rinsing her hair. One hand is on her hair while the other is holding a shower head above it.

Something to keep in mind when selecting a fan is the noise level it creates. Of course, a fan that makes little to no noise is ideal. It’s also important to make sure the vent fan is adequate for the size of your bathroom. You’ll want a system that pulls enough air out based on the size of your bathroom. If you select a fan that is designed for a larger bathroom, it could hinder the functionality of your home’s HVAC system.

If you are in the process of or looking to remodel your restroom, do yourself a favor and make sure a bathroom exhaust fan is included in the design. American Home Remodeling remodels bathrooms all over Southern California and we make sure each bathroom is built to last. If you need our assistance transforming your bathroom, give us a call!

Jace Darling of American Home Remodeling

Jace Darling, Owner, American Home Remodeling

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